Our Philosophy

What sets The Naked Dog apart from other dog-care businesses is our relationship-based approach that takes place in real world scenarios. Whether we are at your house doing a training session, boarding your dog in our home or hiking the pack on the trails, we are always interacting with the dogs in a way that reinforces a calm, obedient mindset.


Having a strong partnership with your dog makes incredible things possible. Our goal is to achieve a level of communication that is so subtle the dogs respond to a small movement or a sound - even in distracting situations! We hold each of the dogs in our care to a high standard of behavior, consistently reinforcing the good behaviors we want as well as our rules and boundaries. The dogs we work with adore us because our relationship is built on consistency, integrity and a clear leadership structure that provides dogs with a sense of safety.

It’s important to understand our dogs' psychological perspective and work with it. Miscommunications and misattributions result in most of the behavioral problems we get called in on. We teach you how to read your dog’s behavior and actions as well as assess their mental state. Obedience isn’t just about completing the command, but the quality of the dog’s energy. When you learn to tune into your dog, anticipate their reactions and give appropriately timed cues, many issues can be well managed if not completely prevented. 

Teaching our dog to be a good citizen isn’t a luxury and it isn’t just to make our lives easier (even though it does). When we consistently implement this training perspective, we have a dog that is less stressed and feels safer in the world. This is because we have provided our dog with clear leadership, consistently enforced rules and boundaries and help to manage his stress levels through awareness, prevention and guidance.


About Us


Allegra Kaough

My journey with dogs began in 2008 when I lived with a dog trainer and six dogs in Arizona. As a long time practitioner of Natural Horsemanship, I sought to connect with dogs in a way that didn't involve treats or gimmicks, but instead worked with their innate psychology to produce a balanced mentality and behavior. This is the philosophy that led me to open The Naked Dog in 2013. I firmly believe that regular exercise, clear leadership, and proper nutrition are the key factors to having a long and happy life with your dog.



Tricia Hawkins grew up in rural Vermont with hunting dogs. She got a taste for dog training in 2009 when she adopted an abused dog, rehabilitating a timid and fearful dog into a happy, confident companion. While working as a chef in 2013, she got her first training job helping a family teach basic commands in a way that created more substantial bond with their poodle mix. When she saw the opportunity to join The Naked Dog team, she hung up her chef hat to pursue her true passion: working with dogs (and their humans) to facilitate happy and healthy relationships.



Haley has been with The Naked Dog since 2015. She started working with dogs at a young age, showing her Jack Russell Terriers in the Junior JRTA League, and excelling in the obedience class with multiple conformation class wins. With a degree in Animal Science from Sull Ross State University, Haley knows the dog psyche from the inside out. She helps dog owners better understand their dogs from a behavioral, psychological and physiological perspective.


Join the Pack!

The Naked Dog is growing and we are looking for experienced dog lovers to join our pack. We currently have openings for additional dog trainers, hiking pack leaders and in-home boarders. If you are interested in learning more, please fill out our contact form, give us a call at (512) 623 - 0932 or email info@thenakeddogaustin.com with a summery of your dog experience and philosophy, your resume and three references.