Our hiking program is not accepting new pack members until the fall of 2019. We will be hiring more pack leaders and expanding our service area. Please go to the Contact Us page and join the waitlist. we contact you before opening spots to the general public.



Hiking is the best possible exercise for dogs! There is no better way to satisfy a dog’s natural drive for activity, novelty and adventure. The sights and smells on the trails stimulate your dog’s senses. Climbing, swimming and running on uneven terrain exercises your dog’s brain as well as all their muscle groups. Our pack and the dogs we meet along the trail provide socialization without the closed in feeling that can make dog parks wild. Being asked to remain responsive in a stimulating natural environment reinforces the calm, obedient mentality we want our dogs to maintain at home. We also love the natural challenges that arise on the trail! It’s incredible to watch a dog’s confidence grow as they learn to navigate the great outdoors and face their fears with our guidance.


All dogs who join our pack begin with a training session.  Being consistent with our philosophy and methods at home allows the owner to enjoy all the benefits of the training each dog receives during the hikes.

A regular routine works best for dogs in our hiking pack. Dogs sign up by the month for 2, 3 or 5 days per week of hiking. For the first month, there is an additional training fee as we dedicate extra time and attention to teaching your dog loose leash walking, trail manners, and acclimate them to walking in a pack. After that the standard pricing applies. We pick the dogs up at home in the morning, hike for an hour and a half, then drop them off happy and tired. We only pick up in our service area and space is limited. To join our pack in the fall of 2019, get on our waitlist!



Riding in a car and hiking with a pack involves being able to tolerate other dogs so our service is only available to socialized dogs. All dogs must live in our service area, which will be expanding in the fall of 2019, to be eligible for our hiking group. We do not have a drop-off option and we are not able to pick up from businesses or apartments to which we do not have direct access from where our car is parked (i.e. elevator or internal hallway). 

Current Service Area Map:

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PRICE LIST - Per month

2 days/week



3 days/week



5 days/week