A Few of Our Favorite Things

Success is built on what you use and how you use it. These are the products we find ourselves referring to our training clients over and over. I like to be able to get out on the right foot with each piece of equipment by instructing clients on how to use it before they begin. While each will be helpful on its own, we recommend doing a session with us to get tips on how to get the most out of each training tool.


everyone's favorite leash

The 3/8" Mendota slip-lead is our favorite leash - and all of our clients agree! Instead of being dependent on a harness or head device, this leash helps to teach your dog to walk in partnership with you. We love that we can slip it over the dogs' heads and position it at the top of their neck instead of needing to connect to a collar. We like the 4' length, but for taller humans or shorter dogs, the 6' length is a great option.


A great teaching tool

The Mini Educator collar is a great way to help a dog understand how to be safe off-leash. Designed for pets, not hunting dogs, the Mini Educator can be targeted to the lowest sensation level each dog will respond to. Some levels are too low for humans to even feel! Be sure to schedule a training session to learn how to properly teach your dog about the collar.


What working dogs wear 

All dogs need a job! Put your pup to work on the trails with this Outward Hound pack. It's great for carrying your dog's water, bowl and even packing out waste. We love teaching our most energetic pack members to wear the pack because it helps them focus and burn extra energy. Just be sure to weight both sides evenly, especially as you distribute water during the hike.


a collar made for adventure 

If your dog hikes, swims and rolls in nature, your fabric collar is going to get stinky. Not only that, but it isn’t nice for your dog to have wet fabric against their neck. Enter Dublin Dog! This ‘No Stink’ collar comes in several fun colors and lasts a long time. We recommend it for our hikers who rule the trails and look (and smell!) good doing it.