What our are clients are saying


Merideth W.

I can't say enough great things about Haley and Allegra! They've taken both of my dogs (with very different personalities and energy levels) hiking over the last year and half. They provide a great outlet for my cattle dog's high energy and need for mental stimulation as well as physical activity. They also are careful to reinforce good behavior, work on impulse control and practice basic obedience on every hike. I would highly recommend them for any dog owner, but especially those with high-energy, intelligent, or stubborn dogs. The pups come home happy and tired, and the pictures alone are worth the price!


Lori W.

Hands down the best thing you could do for your dog and your own peace of mind. I found The Naked Dog when looking into day care options for my Jack Russell Terrier mix, who has the energy of three mischievous teenage puppies put together. It's hard to believe the transformation in his behavior since he's been adventuring with Allegra.

The Naked Dog is a thousand times better than any other day care or training service. Not only are the dogs stimulated by exploring new environments and smells but they are experiencing everything as a part of a pack. Allegra's dedication and care for each dog, the competitive pricing, and the frame-worthy photos that I look forward to getting every day makes The Naked Dog deserve so many more than 5 stars.


Callie S.

Y'all, Naked Dog changed our lives. Allegra (owner of Naked Dog) worked with our Cattle Dog mix, Sheila, for a couple of years and Sheila went from a wild, reactive pup to a well-trained and well-behaved young lady. My husband and I recognized that between both of our work-schedules, Sheila wasn't getting the exercise she needed, therefore bringing out what is considered bad doggie behavior. Allegra was the PERFECT diagnosis for us. She comes to your house, picks up your dog, and takes them out with a pack of dogs to play, then drops them off back at your house. She also does at-home consultations on what you can do to help keep your dog in check. I highly recommend this to anyone who has an active or working dog that can't dedicate the hours each day to work with them.

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Brett S.

After a short stretch of hiking with The Naked Dog we noticed a huge difference.  Tupe was much better on-leash, but also incredible off-leash.  He was much more responsive and respectful to our commands and is wonderful in social situations with other dogs- it's like he graduated from cotillion - a regular little gentleman.

Allegra takes her pack on exhausting hikes/swims and for play time on the ranch!  She has even introduced Tupelo to horses and he is now comfortable tagging along on trail rides - a huge plus for us.

For anyone looking to train, socialize, exercise their dog, we hold Allegra and The Naked Dog in the highest regard.


audrey c.

There is no better dog care service than The Naked Dog. She takes our puppy out on hikes where she gets to socialize with the other dogs, play, swim, and enjoy her afternoons. At the end of the day I come home to a tired and happy puppy.

Through the process of spending time with Allegra and her pack, our puppy has acquired great-off leash skills so that we now feel confident taking her on hikes ourselves. She has also become enthusiastic about getting into the car, whereas before she hated it and would often get carsick. I can't recommend this service highly enough if you want a well-socialized and happy dog.


mark w.

I feel so lucky to have found Allegra and the Naked Dog.  I wish I could give her 100 stars! I've worked with a number of dog trainers in the past and improvements were "baby steps".  With Allegra, the change has been dramatic in just a few months.

Allegra is firm but gives each dog lots of individual attention and tons of love!  Moreover, she is always thinking of ways to help Lucy become more confident and balanced.  End of the day, Allegra sends me photos of Lucy walking calmly beside her horse.  Unbelievable!  

I could go on forever, but I'll just say that Lucy and I feel very fortunate to have found such a good friend in Allegra and The Naked Dog!


emily c.

It gives me such peace of mind knowing our dog is in such great hands with Allegra.  Allegra truly cares for my pup like she belonged to her!  Not only do I feel like Allegra has "coached" my dog, she has also helped "coach" me.  I never let my dog off leash while out on the trails due to fear of my dog leaving or not coming back.  Allegra invited me out on one of their hikes and after I saw how my dog behaved on the trail, off leash, I got the confidence to try it on my own!  Allegra gave me pointers and tips that have really helped me have better leadership skills when handling Ziba.  

I feel so lucky to have someone like Allegra to care for Ziba and Ziba does too :)


Erin a.

I don't even know where to begin when writing a review for Allegra.  We moved to Austin and realized pretty quickly how misbehaved our beloved 2-year-old labradoodle was (she had a ton of energy!).  After extensive research and interviews, we knew The Naked Dog was the right fit.  Little did we know how much Allegra would change our lives for the better.  She worked with us daily on training and working with our dog to get her to be the best dog she could be.  Since Allegra has worked with her, I am happy to report that Chloe is much better on a leash, will listen when called, is happier, and just an overall well-behaved dog.  This is a huge difference from before.  

If you are looking for a dog trainer with long-lasting results, The Naked Dog is the best business to choose, you won't be disappointed!


Colleen v.

Allegra and Haley are wonderful. We initially had a consult for our puppy and older Golden before our daughter was born. Allegra takes the time to help and I appreciate that the girls get some training on their hikes as well. We’ve noticed great improvement with both girls’ behavior on leash. We’ve used the hiking and training services and have been extremely happy with both. With a small child, I don’t have time to drop our younger dog at daycare and I can’t stand to have her in a kennel all day. They pick up and drop off which is great for us. 

I would recommend The Naked Dog to anyone who wants to give their dog exercise and exposure to other dogs in a non daycare environment. If I could hike with my dogs everyday, I would. I trust both Allegra and Haley completely and our dogs love them. When we go out of town, I know they are in good hands and we love getting the daily photos.


Sarah c.

Allegra is professional but so warm; she's also incredibly responsive, caring, and obviously in love with her job and her four-legged clients.  We now have a happy but calm and well-behaved dog.  In short, Allegra achieved in days what months and hundreds of dollars in training could not.  I promise you will not regret your choice either.  Spread the word!


Ali p.

Allegra has changed my life! I was at my wits end with my wild 1 year old pit-heeler puppy and had tried multiple trainers in Austin. We did an in home training session followed by weekly hikes with her pack. She has transformed my dog's behavior and taught me how to maintain it. She sends great photos of the dogs having the time of their lives to ease your mind and is very responsive and gives great feedback. She has changed my relationship with my dog and I feel so grateful to have found her. I would HIGHLY recommend The Naked Dog!!


Cara k.

Allegra has cared for both of our Weimers and always went above and beyond. She gets to know your pet, finds where they need improvement/growth, and works with them to make sure they are 10X better the day you pick them up from the day you dropped them off. Consistently reporting on how they are doing on a daily basis (if you wish), sending tons of pictures, and keeps you posted on any concerns. She makes our pups feel like they are home. In fact, our dogs come home missing Allegra and can't wait to see her again.


sharla w.

The Naked Dog is by far the best thing you can do to have a balanced, happy, healthy dog. Allegra has become my Goldendoodle, Bindi's, Aunt. I know Bindi is under the best care hiking with Allegra and her assistant Haley. Bindi gets to hike all of the beautiful trails around Austin, getting great exercise and learning proper pack behavior and manners. I feel great knowing how well she is cared for by The Naked Dog. Allegra is a life saver.


cindy h.

I can't say enough positive things about The Naked Dog!  I started working with The Naked Dog a few months ago and I have seen such a huge transformation in my boxer puppy.  He went from pulling to walking great on a leash.  I love the fact that I can take him to off leash parks and he will listen to me.  The weekly hikes they provide are truly amazing. I know they are taking such great care of Tucker and getting him the exercise he needs.


scott h.

Although I am an experienced dog owner, it's been a few years. Allegra had some great advice- several things that I had not considered. Moreover, she was thorough in explaining things to members of my family who don't have dog experience.We are several months in with The Naked Dog. But I noticed a marked improvement in our walks and my dogs overall behavior, almost immediately. The service is professional, extremely convenient and educational. Our pup gets very excited as soon as Allegra or Haley show up. Upon her return, she is satiated, which is quite an achievement for our very high energy dog. I highly recommend The Naked Dog and can only reinforce the 5/5 reviews.


Shari V.

These ladies are fabulous! We adopted a sweet 1.5 year old rescue pup with lots of energy, little self control, and high reactivity to other dogs. We started with the personal training and followed the at home "boot camp" they recommend. I really like their methods ... especially that the training is not food dependent like many programs. (Who wants to have to carry dog treats everywhere to get their dog to obey? Plus - treats make our dog too hyper to listen.) From there we enrolled her on the pack hikes to work on socialization & off-leash trustworthiness. Our dog has changed so much in the past few months! It is an investment of $ and efforts (owner's behavior is a big part of what they teach if you want the training sessions as well the hikes) but SO worth it to have a more well-mannered, trustworthy dog. Very highly recommend!